While there are a lot of nice examples of small independent wine projects, MOST of the wines available in the shelves and restaurants all over the world come from big traditional companies. We are surrounded by standardized wines and method of production in large scales, conservative winery owners, unfair margins and poor profitability to the grape producers that at the end (or better said, at the beginning) are the main responsible for your delicious glass of Cabernet Sauvignon …
Being winemakers and in the trade for long time, we love to talk about wine! but we are a bit tired of some characters in the wine industry. We say bye to slow moving companies, conservative and boring owners that are more worried about having their picture on the lifestyle magazine or about having their wine in the menu of a 3 star Michelin restaurant (to sell 3 bottles a year). BYE to the subjective wine writers that score you 95+ points as long as you give them a helicopter ride in your property or you make the longest flattery and adulation of their greatness knowledge and wisdom …

We do say HOLA to the consumers that enjoy wine alone or with friends and we strive to offer a different enjoyable option for every occasion.


After 17 years in the wine industry, initially working as a winemaker, fully on the technical side and then for many other years immersed in the commercial and marketing side of the business, Cristian Goich embarked on this venture, founding Fuy wines. Rather than being the culmination of a dream, Fuy is the beginning of a big one.


Fuy port (Puerto Fuy in Spanish) is one of the few areas in Chile where you can still see a Huemul, a beautiful South Andean deer, an endangered species living in the south of Chile, with an estimated quantity of only 2000 remaining.